Promoting equity and ethics

Our human resources policy is geared towards gender pay equality and the observance of ethical conduct. Fighting corruption and cyber delinquency are also part of our commitments.

Targeting pay equality

In accordance with the classification agreement implemented on 1 January 2018, our remuneration policy is geared towards equality of remuneration between men and women.


The goal is to exceed the legal Gender Equality Index requirement of 75/100 with a minimum of 80/100 every year.

Ethical conduct

We ensure that every employee observes the rules of conduct regarding ethics and cyber security in our code of conduct, which is distributed to all staff.

We want every staff member to conscientiously observe the basic rules of integrity, loyalty and honesty in their everyday operations, so that we can live well together and uphold the interests of the organisation.

E-learning sessions on the Guide to Ethics within the Code of Conduct are provided for middle managers. New recruits and newly-promoted middle managers also receive anti-corruption training.

Committed and passionate

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Because our environmental, human and social commitment is a daily reality, we place CSR at the heart of our actions.