Our cooperations policy

Involvement in local development is Laïta’s raison d’être. Our responsibility is first and foremost to the territory and the people who live there.

Establishing cooperations

Contributing to the regional economy

Our milk collection, processing and enhancement activities contribute to the social and economic development of the Great West region of France.

  • Enhancing the milk produced by farmers in the Great West region to create social and economic wealth by improving regional development and employment.
  • Mapping the existing CSR measures in the territory within our sphere of activity to identify those to which we can add the greatest value through our contribution.

Working with stakeholders

Engaging in dialogue with our stakeholders and working alongside our three member cooperatives is part of our daily routine.

  • Developing a consistent, long-term approach to consultation with stakeholders, understanding their expectations and co-establishing commitments with them.
  • Cooperating with teams from our three member cooperatives on a daily basis to enhance the sustainability of our producers’ milk, thereby serving our mutual interests.
  • Improving our CSR commitments in terms of milk production alongside our member cooperatives, and establishing a roadmap for the longer term.

Developing partnerships

Through our openness to innovation and research, our aim is to develop new partnerships in line with our CSR commitments.

  • Creating and maintaining an 'innovation and research' portfolio of 10 active and established partnerships.
  • Developing and establishing at least one partnership for each sphere of activity, and a total of 3 for each sphere of activity by 2025.

Committed and passionate

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Because our environmental, human and social commitment is a daily reality, we place CSR at the heart of our actions.