Why Passion du Lait® ?

Passion du Lait®, Laïta's approach to corporate social responsibility launched in 2015, involves every aspect of the company's lifeblood - employees, farmers and shareholder cooperatives - in an ambitious development initiative that responds to society’s expectations.

Three areas for progress

We are proud of our cooperative roots and are collectively committed to a continuous improvement strategy focused on three areas for development:

Mobilize for

The well-being of humans and animals, which includes:

  • developing the human capital of our employees and safeguarding their health and safety, social dialogue and ethics;
  • meeting the expectations of customers and consumers in terms of the quality of our raw materials and transparency of our finished products;
  • enhancing the work of livestock farmers by ensuring the longevity of our shared venture;
  • our commitment to suppliers via a process of sustainable procurement.

Reducing our environmental footprint by:

  • fighting global warming with the Bilan Carbone®, upstream and downstream of our activities;
  • engaging in actions that promote respect for life, covering animal welfare, biodiversity and pollution prevention;
  • managing resources, in particular our impact on the water cycle, reducing packaging and fighting deforestation;
  • development of a circular economy through eco-design, waste management and anti-food-waste.

Establishing cooperations:

  • around our contribution to the local economy in areas where our activities are located; 
  • by initiating dialogue with Laïta's stakeholders and cooperating on a daily basis with our three shareholder cooperatives;
  • in our resolve to develop partnerships in line with our CSR commitments and our openness to innovation and research.

Everyone committed, everyone passionate!

All these action points are being progressed either through work that’s already underway at Laïta or with new projects. In this way, Passion du Lait® supports our virtuous development to meet the ever-more demanding expectations of our stakeholders and of the French and international markets. Environmental and social responsibility is not a matter for discussion, it's simply what we do. It's the actions of each individual, supported by the determination of all.

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The Passion du lait® approach in video

Our CSR must reflect that of our stakeholders

Jean-Paul Linet

Laïta’s Quality and CSR Director

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Committed and passionate

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Because our environmental, human and social commitment is a daily reality, we place CSR at the heart of our actions.