We employ a strictly-controlled procedure for collecting milk, and optimise the scheduling of deliveries to our different processing facilities.

Collection figures


billion litres of milk collected every year

2 280

dairy farms



Collection from catchment areas

Over 190 driver-collectors travel back and forth along the roads of the Great West region to collect the milk from our farmer members.

Our 2,280 dairy farms are distributed across three catchment areas, all located in the Great West region: Finistère (29); Côtes-d’Armor (22) and Morbihan (56); Loire-Atlantique (44), Ille-et-Vilaine (35) and Maine-et-Loire (49).

A closely-monitored procedure

Collections are made according to a strict, controlled procedure to guarantee the best quality of milk and fair remuneration for the farmers.

A visual inspection is carried out first, then samples are taken and labelled to identify the chemical and bacteriological content of the milk from each farm. The milk is tested for inhibitory substances (antibiotics and antiseptics) and the samples are collected to determine the quality of the combined milk which has been collected in the same tanker.

When the milk arrives at the collection centre it is transferred into vats where it undergoes treatment, and is then forwarded to the different processing facilities.

Optimised scheduling

Optimising the schedule ensures that the various processing facilities receive their raw dairy produce requirements in terms of type, quantity and time frame. This involves monitoring sales forecasts, streamlining flows between the different facilities, a well-thought-out usage plan and rigorous management of raw ingredient stocks.

The facilities which produce fresh products are specially monitored on a daily basis and responsive adjustments are made to the supply of ingredients.