Commitment to consumers

Commitment means working in collaboration with farmers, employees, consumers ans stakeholders in general.

Paysan Breton, « Moving forward together for the good »

"Paysan Breton, ""Moving forward together for the good""

The Paysan Breton teams have been working in concert for several months to define the Brand Social Responsibility policy and the brand’s future commitments. We call the project ‘Moving forward together for the good’ and it forms part of Laïta’s Passion du Lait® strategy, a collaborative effort with farmers, employees, consumers and other stakeholders. A number of working groups have been set up with social and environmental remits such as nutrition, packaging, animal well-being, the environmental performance of farms, territorial anchoring, etc., and our areas of engagement have emerged as a result of the working group discussions.

Paysan Breton decided to launch a major consultation exercise in the autumn, in the form of an online survey in which anyone can take part and put forward their views on our initial areas of engagement. The consultation exercise attracted over 12,000 participants. A second stage, rolled out in spring 2022, involved some 20 consumers along with farmers and employees to flesh out the areas of engagement voted for in the online survey. With this participatory approach, Paysan Breton is committed to becoming an even more sustainable brand, involved in the ecological transition and open in its relationships with stakeholders."

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Because our environmental, human and social commitment is a daily reality, we place CSR at the heart of our actions.