Improving health, safety and quality of life at work

Health and safety in the workplace is primary concern for us; our aim is to preserve the physical integrity of all our workers in their place of work.

Promoting a culture of safety

Our accident and risk prevention at work policy is designed to instil a culture of safety and we ensure everyone adheres to it. The policy provides for training and ongoing awareness-raising initiatives for staff, the systematic analysis of incidents, regular notification of safety objectives and results, and also the continuous improvement of our facilities.

Awareness-raising among our managers

Raising awareness among our managers to safety issues is also a priority. Each manager has access to a risk assessment tool and a health and safety dashboard for his or her own area. Training sessions are routinely provided for new middle managers.

Risk prevention

To reduce road accidents, we have implemented a road risk management plan with the help of external service providers. Road safety training is provided on a regular basis for drivers.

We also carry out preventive safety visits and ergonomic studies to minimise risk situations and reorganise certain work places.

Improving quality of life at work

With a view to achieving a better work/life balance, we are trialling a range of services for staff at our sites: personal care services, parcel collection and delivery, dry cleaning, etc.

Committed and passionate

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Because our environmental, human and social commitment is a daily reality, we place CSR at the heart of our actions.