Pre-empting and recommendations

No progress without innovation. For us, the valorisation of milk is a constant challenge.

Pre-empting customer needs

"Laïta Nutrition must be at the forefront of innovation to remain a step ahead of customer needs. For two years we have been facilitating innovation challenges to enable us to be proactive in creating increasingly complex technical products that are rich in proteins. In 2021, Laïta Liquid Nutrition launched 19 product ranges - 11 in infant and clinical nutrition and 8 in adult nutrition. The past year has also seen the launch of our first organic infant product and a powerful upswing in the line of bottles that we introduced at Ploudaniel in 2020. Sales have been progressing well with an 11% rise in the number of units ordered - bottles, briquettes and jars. For next year we are predicting a 7% growth as a result of further development of bottle sales and the introduction of a line of 100% plant-based formulas. All our teams are working tirelessly to create expert formulas, source the right ingredients and make manufacturing processes safe, to provide impeccable quality which is compliant with the new regulations on contaminants. The innovation challenges enable us to be proactive in creating increasingly complex technical products rich in proteins that respond to customer needs."

At Laïta Nutrition we remain at the forefront of innovation to keep a step ahead of customer needs

Damien Perdereau

Head of the UHT segment of Laïta Nutrition’s Industrial Activity, Ploudaniel (29)

Committed and passionate

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Because our environmental, human and social commitment is a daily reality, we place CSR at the heart of our actions.