Training, the central issue

We establish partnerships with the best schools to create lasting, beneficial relationships.

"Establishing lasting relationships with our apprentices."

Laura Collin, Recruitment Assistant, Ploudaniel (29)

"For us, training is of vital importance. We take a great deal of care in selecting the schools we wish to form work placement partnerships with. The partnerships must satisfy a number of criteria; our expectations are important of course, as are our needs and planning activities, to build a valuable, lasting relationship.

From the school’s perspective, promoting jobs in the dairy industry to the students, and with Laïta in particular, is a basic requirement. The school must involve Laïta in its forums and events and disseminate our offers of work placements and internships by promoting the partnership. It must also notify the students of any Laïta events related to recruitment and vocational integration."

"We’re at the start of the adventure!"

Laura Collin, Recruitment Assistant, Ploudaniel (29)

"From our perspective, working with our school partners is paramount. The aim is to maintain a strong link between the training environment and the work environment. It’s important for the students and for Laïta too, because we’re developing our brand as an employer, our commitments as a milk processor and our trades in the agri-food sector in general.

We have four partnership agreements at the moment, and although we’re just beginning to enter into new collaborations, schools are already targeting the profiles we’re looking for and sending CVs through. We’re at the start of the adventure!"

We take a great deal of care in selecting the schools from which we wish to accept work-placement students.

Laura Collin

Recruitment Assistant Ploudaniel (29)

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Because our environmental, human and social commitment is a daily reality, we place CSR at the heart of our actions.