A great partnership adventure

For Laïta, preserving both the quality and quantity of water resources is one way in which we can improve the quality of our finished products for the benefit of consumers. Romain talks about our partnership with Thrasos, a great adventure that reduces water and energy consumption at our industrial sites.

Reduce water and energy consumption at our industrial sites

Romain, Scientific Director - Methods, Innovation and Performance, Laïta, Yffiniac (22)

"In the spirit of openness and innovation we supported Thrasos, the winner of EvenUp’s second annual start-up competition, throughout 2022. Their FS Guard app uses artificial intelligence to optimise cleaning programmes at on-site cleaning facilities, and we put our Yffiniac (22) facility at the disposal of the Thrasos team to carry out the necessary tests to demonstrate the concept. The tests, which were conducted on the milk storage tanks, proved conclusive, resulting in a 40% reduction in water, 50% in energy and 43% in cleaning time".

Equipment deployment

"In the months ahead we will be deploying the solution with our standard equipment at Yffiniac (22) (tanks, lines, pasteurisers, etc.) and progressively at our other industrial sites. It is likely, in the medium term, that the new technology will be extended to other complex machinery such as evaporators and drying towers. This great partnership adventure with Thrasos means we have been influential in raising funds for the young entrepreneurs to develop their digital solution.".

The tests carried out at the Yffiniac site (22) by the Thrasos team reduced water and energy consumption and the time spent on cleaning milk storage tanks by 40% -50%.


Scientific Director - Methods, Innovation and Performance

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