R&D Project Leader

28-year-old Violaine Lemoine is a research & development project leader in the powdered infant nutrition unit; a fascinating, varied occupation.

Discovering a new world

Violaine discovered the infant formula unit when she came to Laïta as a research & development project leader. After an initial stint in specialist nutrition, she discovered another world as demanding as it was interesting and fulfilling.

A fascinating job

Her working hours are now divided between two production sites - Créhen (22) and Ancenis (44). "My job is all the more fascinating because it’s so varied - no two projects are the same. I interface with customers all over the world, in conjunction with the business developer, to develop recipes to match their requirements. The recipes are then tested with pilots or industrial trials. When the customer is satisfied with the formula, we put it into production. At this stage I have to interface with various factory departments, in particular the production facility. There’s never a dull day!

Every project is different. I interface with customers all over the world, formulating and testing recipes to suit their requirements and holding discussions with different factory departments to set up production. There’s never a dull day!


R&D Project Leader at Laïta

Return to Brittany

Violaine steers the project right up to delivery to the customer, and provides follow-up. She interfaces with many different departments in the organisation - quality, scheduling, procurement, sales administration, etc. Violaine lived in Strasbourg for a time before returning to Brittany, and she’s now making up for lost time by donning her wetsuit and taking her paddle down to the sea at every opportunity. "I love going out and discovering breathtaking landscapes in Brittany and other places."