Séverine, manager of the Dairy Environment project, on what her job involves

06.06.2023 Vie de laïta

Portrait de Séverine, chargée de projet environnement laitier

Séverine is in charge of the Dairy Environment project in the Scientific Methods, Innovation and Performance Department. Discover her written and video portrait, created as part of the Objectif Emploi Formation initiative.

As Dairy Environment Project Manager, the post she took up a few months ago, Séverine is in her element - water. Water is the vital element on which her training as a chemical engineer is based and to which she owes her crowning achievement - her thesis on seawater filtration.

She first put her expertise to use with a cosmetics company, but finding the job too industry-focused and insufficiently geared towards research for her taste, she decided to look elsewhere. That’s when she came to Laïta, where she started in 2018 as the manager of Dairy Ingredients Industrialisation, and while she’s abandoned water, she’s also discovered a whole new fascinating world in milk.

Séverine has come into her own with an enterprise that encompasses the listening skills and dynamism that she values, and has not hesitated to express her wish to continue working with a water-based theme. Her wish has been granted. The scientific centre was reorganised and she proposed the creation of a new post in this sensitive, topical field.

For Séverine it represented a return to her roots. She now works on developing industrial strategies for water economy, re-use and optimisation - using the steam emitted from milk processing to wash the loading platforms and truck exteriors, for example. Her research has also led to the optimisation of cleaning processes, which are now more efficient and more considerate of the environment. 

This portrait was produced as part of the "Objectif Emploi Formation" initiative in partnership with Le Télégramme. The aim of the initiative is to highlight employment sectors, trades, training and companies for the benefit of employees and job seekers, through the production of videos and articles.

Working on these environmental issues gives me a sense of being useful. And at Laïta there are always research, optimisation and improvement projects going on. It’s very stimulating!


in charge of the Dairy Environment project


Séverine, in charge of the Dairy Environment project

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