Modernisation of the soft cheese production facility at Ancenis

18.04.2023 Vie de laïta

Government boost for the Ancenis site

Many industry players were forced to suspend their investment activity during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the regional and prefectural authorities have now introduced a recovery plan called France Relance to restore momentum in the sector. The plan provides financial support for certain projects selected for their robust social and economic impact: creating and maintaining jobs, decarbonisation, providing training and improving collaboration among industry players in the local territory.

Our Ancenis production site is one of the successful recipients of financial support from France Relance in Pays de la Loire.

The health crisis and the restrictions imposed on international trade during the lockdown periods had a detrimental effect on sales of the soft cheeses we make at Ancenis, which saw a 16% reduction in export sales in 2020.

Recovery has been slow but we’re now on the road to growth with sales figures equivalent to those in 2019. Our scheme to modernise and diversify production at the Ancenis cheese plant, which was shelved during the pandemic, was revived in 2022 mainly due to the €150,000 funding granted by France Relance. This investment forms part of an overall development and modernisation plan for our industrial facilities.

A modernisation project to better respond to our European customers

The main investment has been the purchase of a new multi-format machine that produces packaging in different sizes. The machine was launched in 2022 and we now package 250g Camemberts and cheese in 200g blocks, and will soon be supplying other formats such as a 500g Petit Brie, all at a production rate of up to 100 items per minute.

This investment means the facility will soon be able to increase its capacity, with improved working conditions for staff due to ergonomic improvements to work stations, and in accordance with the latest health and safety regulations.

This project is funded by the government as part of the Relance scheme.

Good to know:


countries receive Laïta exports


subsidiaries across Europe

60 %

of soft cheese production goes to export

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