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Laita employs 2,750 employees in north-west France.



The values cultivated by Laïta are those that its founders have been asserting and sharing for many years. Closely interwoven with the three parent companies' cooperative nature, they convey the firm's human dimension and strong regional attachment, with a view to sustainable development of north-west France.

  • Trust is the basis of our solidarity and a guarantee of customer relations built on healthy foundations. In a spirit of loyalty, openness and sincerity, this climate of confidence ensures simple, straightforward exchanges.

  • The strength of Laïta’s commitment is built on its founders’ strong sense of cooperation. Our teams work diligently and scrupulously on a daily basis to sustainably promote the milk of the farmer-members of our parent companies, while striving to create economic and social wealth in north-west France.

  • LAÏTA’s drive for innovation and performance constitutes the key to its development and the prerequisite to becoming a major leader in the economic world of today and tomorrow. Strategic, reasoned innovation demands continuous market monitoring, the launch of original products, adaptation to technological progress and daily excellence.