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North-western France produces 7.4 billion litres of milk a year, representing 33.6 % of French production.



Laïta, a cooperative dairy company in north-west France

Laïta, a cooperative dairy company in north-west France, was founded as a result of the rise in partnerships established since 1973 between its three founding members: Even, Terrena and Coopagri Bretagne (become Triskalia then Eureden).

  • "To offer innovative and functional dairy products, sources of shared pleasure and good health to sustainably promote member farmers' milk."

  • By creating Laïta, Even, Terrena and Coopagri Bretagne aim to unite their dairy activities within a far more structured organisation which would be more assertive on the dairy product market.

    This new body covers these activities within a holding company, which gathers the three partners' commercial and industrial dairy assets. Even is the majority shareholder of this entity.

  • 2,660 dairy farms for collection

    1.5 billion litres of milk collected annually

    3,020 employees

    1.4 billion euros turnover

  • Even, Terrena and Eureden, Laïta’s three founding cooperatives, have a rich common past. Created respectively in 1930, 1938 and 1911, they have each contributed to the history of north-west France’s dairy sector and rapidly built two-way or three-way partnerships.

    Coopagri Bretagne and Even create Uclab (Union of Breton Dairy Cooperatives) in Landerneau (Finistère). At the time, this union represented one of Brittany’s most powerful industrial tools for milk and whey drying as well as butter manufacture.

    Coopagri Bretagne and Terrena create Laïta, then intended to market butters and cheeses to the supermarket sector.

    Coopagri Bretagne and the Laiterie du val d'Ancenis (Terrena) buy the Laiterie nouvelle de l'Arguenon (LNA).

    Even joins Coopagri Bretagne and Terrena within Laïta.
    Coopagri Bretagne, Even and Terrena become co-shareholders in the Iroise cheese factory in Ploudaniel (Finistère).

    Coopagri Bretagne and the Laiterie du val d'Ancenis (Terrena) create Epi Ingrédients.

    Coopagri Bretagne, Even and Terrena share the capital of the Penthièvre milk plant in Créhen which possesses drying and casein equipment.

    On 1st July 2009, the three partners founded a new entity named Laïta whose scope greatly exceeds that of the previous company of the same name. This entity now groups together all the three partners' dairy activities.