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Research & Innovation

Areas of innovation

Part of Laïta innovation is extending existing ranges

Laïta's activities in the fields of dairy research and innovation revolve around three main initiatives:
- launching new products within existing ranges
- custom designing for our customers
- alternative marketing to promote with a difference.

  • New convenience goods, processed dairy ingredients and feeds for young mammals are regularly released to enhance the ranges offered by Laïta. They enable the company and its brands to convey a dynamic image and reach new target groups.

  • Laïta’s health and nutrition activity mainly focuses on the custom manufacture of products for national and international leaders in specialised nutrition. Innovation is at the heart of this activity’s daily preoccupations. Every customer is unique, and we must be capable of shaping the original idea put forward by our customer, to interpret their particular need in order to perfectly fulfil their expectations. We apply our expertise and know-how to innovate for our clients, with a strict commitment to confidentiality. Innovation in our health and nutrition activities also consists of anticipating tomorrow’s needs, developing new concepts so as to gain in efficiency and to increase our reactivity to our customers’ innovations.

    Customer proximity also has a strong presence within our dairy ingredient formulation activity, intended for the agri-food industry. This activity aims to develop products which fulfil customers' specific requirements in terms of taste, functionality and nutritional quality, in compliance with food safety standards. Our teams’ innovative flare enables Laïta to cultivate customer trust and satisfaction.

  • Dairy ingredients represent one of the ways of marketing milk constituents. Laïta’s industrial tools, dedicated to drying, can be used to process large quantities of milk, even during the spring production peak. We must however be constantly innovating, so as to increase the proportion of milk suitable for formulated products which represent a real added value for our customers in terms of organoleptic qualities, nutritional properties or functionalities in the manufacturing process.