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to be individually frozen, while retaining their original shape, texture and taste. It is also used to freeze liquids into pellets or to individually coat foods.

Products & Brands

Catering products

Catering products

Laïta Professional markets many products geared towards foodservice professionals. These products mainly include cheeses (IQF frozen, cream cheeses, spreading cheeses, cheese portions) and butters, but also ultra-fresh products and crepes.

  • Laïta Professional offers an extensive range of cheeses to perfectly meet the needs of foodservice professionals:  ingredient cheeses (grated, IQF, sauces), spreading cheeses, individual cheese portions and platter cheeses.

    Ingredient cheeses are designed for use in recipes by foodservice professionals.
    - IQF cheeses: brie cubes and slices, camembert slices and portions, fromage frais cubes, mini cheeses, 
    - Cream cheeses: developed to order according to customer specifications,
    - Emmental: in cubes, slices, blocks and grated.

    Spreading cheeses are popular fillers for sandwiches, paninis, wraps and bagels. In this range, Laïta Professional offers various textures:
    - Light and airy: Madame Loïk's whipped cheese by Paysan Breton comes in different flavours: plain with Guérande sea salt, garlic & herbs, tomato & basil, goat's cheese, crushed walnut and curry, compote of red peppers,
    - Smooth: plain and garlic & herbs Petit Moulé.

    The individual portions range includes various Paysan Breton products:
    - Spreading cheeses: Petit Moulé (plain, garlic & herbs, walnut) and Madame Loïk's whipped cheese (plain) by Paysan Breton,
    - Paysan Breton camembert.

    Laïta also markets a range of platter cheeses: brie, camembert, emmental...

  • Laïta Professional offers Paysan Breton butter in individual portions. The range includes three variations (unsalted, half-salted and Guérande sea salt) and three formats (8 g, 10 g and 15 g).

    These products are also available in tubs and as blocks.

  • Laïta Professional offers a wide range of ultra-fresh products for foodservice professionals:
    - Mamie Nova yoghurts and desserts,
    - drinking yoghurts,
    - fromage blanc,
    - thick crème fraîche 
    in 1 L and 5 L tubs (15, 20, 30 or 40% fat).

  • Laïta Professional offers foodservice professionals various types of crêpes: plain, brown sugar, salted butter caramel, vanilla, honey and chocolate-filled.
    An original idea for delicious desserts