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Régilait lies behind one of the first adverts on French television.


Régilait is a European pioneer in milk drying and the instantization of milk powder in the form of soluble granules.

Diverse on its markets, the brand develops commercial milks, infant nutrition and vending machines products.

With commercial milks, the firm proposes instant granulated milks and condensend mliks to meeet the nutritional needs of all the family.

All infant nutrition products manufactured by Régilait are sold under France Lait brand. They are elaborated by a laboratory which has 50 years exprience and works with French pediatric units at the cutting edge of their discipline. Stringent controles are carried out at each stage of the manufacturing process to guaranty every aspect of product quality.

Régilait is the world leader in granulated milk powder for vending machine professionnals, offering a full range of top-quality milks and toppings.




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Régilait - Powdered milks and concentrated milks