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Bovine colostrum is the first milk secreted by cows after giving birth. It is very high in antibodies and gives newborn calves passive immunity during the first days of their life. It is therefore highly sought-after for the production of nutritional supplements for young mammals.

Products & Brands

Young mammal feeds

Laîta markets food for young mammals

Laïta manufactures milk replacement products as well as nutritional specialities for young mammals. This component is organised alongside the production of veal calves, which is an integral part of Laïta's activities.

  • The milk replacement productsLAÏTA - Milk replacement products manufactured by Laïta are mainly marketed under the brand name Celtilait, but also under distributor brands. They are produced from fresh milk collected by Laïta, guaranteeing high regularity and solid knowledge of the raw dairy materials processed (skimmed milk powder, whey…).

    Vegetable fats, carefully selected for their taste and digestibility, are then incorporated, providing the milk replacement products with excellent nutritional quality. The spray-drying process used in this phase to produce fat-filled milk promotes the conservation of the finished products and facilitates their dilution at low temperatures.

    The formulation of milk replacement products is developed and regularly optimised by a team of engineers. The quality management approach implemented at each stage of design and production guarantees high performance and digestive safety for farmers.

  • Laïta offers nutritional supplementsLAÏTA - Nutritionnal supplements intended to give young mammals the best chances from the very first days of their lives. Marketed both under distributor brands and under the brand name Oriane (recognised for its perinatal expertise), these products are divided into two main ranges with distinct yet complementary objectives:

    • dietary supplements to boost immunity, produced from colostrums obtained from the milk collected by Laïta

    • specialities for improved management of digestive difficulties (disturbed bowel movements, dehydration, mineral deficit) which are frequent complaints in newborn animals.