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Dairy ingredients are very widely used in the food industry: in chocolate, processed meats, bread, prepared meals, ice cream...

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Dairy ingredients for manufacturers

Laïta develops various dairy ingredients for industry

Laïta develops fresh and IQF frozen dairy products, as well as dairy ingredients (milk proteins, powders or concentrates) which meet with industry's needs and food safety requirements.

  • Laïta offers the agro-food industry a wide range of:

    fresh dairy products such as creams, hard cooked cheeses, soft cheeses, spreading cheeses, curd cheese, fresh pasteurised milk, cream cheeses…

    IQF frozen cheese ingredients presented in the form of slices, cubes, mini cheeses…

    The packaging used is designed to suit the techniques and processes implemented in the factories. Laïta’s research and development teams work in close collaboration with its customers’ teams to provide a custom-made product. The avenues investigated during such exchanges may, for instance, concern the organoleptic quality, the composition and/or texture of ingredients, as well as their packaging.

    Crédit photo et stylisme : Virginie Fouquet

  • With Epi Ingrédients, Laïta offers industry a vast array of dairy ingredients organised into two ranges:

    fundamental dairy ingredients:
    - skimmed fat milk powders,
    - caseins and caseinates,
    - whey products: sweet or acid whey, serum proteins, permeate
    - buttermilk powder.

    service products:
    - low-fat functional blends,
    - high-fat functional blends,
    - formulated flavoured functional ingredients: yoghurt powders, fermented milk proteins, curd cheese powders, butter powders,
    - custom formulated products: functional, nutritional or ready-to-use.

    These products specifically respond to the needs of the agro-food industry and are very varied due to the wide variety of existing sectors: cold meats, ready meals, dairy industry, ice creams, dietetics, drinks, bread, pastries, cakes, chocolate, confectionary…

    All new ingredients developed by EPI Ingredients must meet the three following quality requirements:
    organoleptic: taste expertise,
    functional: texturing of finished products or improvement of our customers’ yields,
    nutritional: use of nutritional qualities naturally present in dairy ingredients.