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Laïta manufactures and markets over 1,800 consumer product references.

Products & Brands

Consumer products

Laïta markets various convenience goods

Laïta manufactures and markets many consumer products under its own brand names, as well as under distributor brands. Its convenience goods range includes ultra-fresh products, butters, cheeses, powdered milks, condensed milks and crêpes which are sold to supermarkets, hypermarkets and local convenience stores.

  • Laïta has a wide range of ultra-fresh products including fresh milks, buttermilks, crèmes fraîches, curd cheeses, drinking yoghurts, fruit yoghurts and milk puddings…

    The company is a leading player in the “Luxury” yoghurts sector with the brand Mamie Nova.

  • Butter, the flagship product of north-west France, holds a key place at Laïta. The firm offers three ranges with strong identities: moulded butters, butter tubs and butter portions. Several varieties and different packagings enhance each of these ranges.

    Laïta holds number one position for traditionally moulded butter with the brand Paysan Breton.

  • Laïta produces several types of cow’s milk cheeses: emmental, soft cheeses, spreding cheeses and processed cheeses. These products can be packaged in different forms. Emmental, for instance, can be sold grated, in cubes, in slices, as a block, or as a wheel…

    Paysan Breton ranks third in the plain spreading cheese sector with the whipped cream cheese Madame Loïk by Paysan Breton.

  • Laïta markets powdered milks, obtained after pasteurisation, concentration and drying of the liquid milk. The firm also proposes condensed milks with Régilait brand. These long-life products are used to decorate hot drinks or for cooking, and especially baking.

    Régilait occupies a leading position on the French market grocery milk.

  • Laita produces crepes, traditional time-honored specialties of Brittany. These are marketed under two brands: Even, which specialized in large and very thin crepes, and Paysan Breton, which offers blistered and stuffed crepes.