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published 09/07/2018


Brand new breakfast drink range!

Régilait launches 3 new decadent organic drinks

In September 2018, Régilait is launching a new range of decadent drinks made with French organic semi-skimmed milk.

3 new recipes are on offer:

- Chocolate milk with 46% chocolate made from organic cocoa and cane sugar
- Caffè latte made with 100% pure organic Arabica coffee selected for its delicate flavour
- Chicory coffee made with organic chicory, pure Arabica coffee and semi-skimmed milk powder.

Just add water! These convenient drinks will be a sure-fire success whether you are at home, in the office or on holiday.

This range, available on supermarket shelves from September, has been selected by the
SIAL INNOVATIONS 2018 committee and will be on display in the innovations area and presented to the press.