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Laita markets and sales its products in over 110 countries.


Dairy products sales and marketing

Laïta markets a wide range of dairy products in France and abroad to a variety of customers: supermarkets, food service, agro-food industry, health and nutrition, agricultural sector... The firm cultivates customer satisfaction on a daily basis, giving it a solid reputation on both French and foreign markets.

  • Laïta manufactures and markets a very wide variety of dairy products: consumer products such as butters, cheeses or ultra-fresh goods, but also ingredients for industry, health and nutrition products and food for young mammals.

    Laïta’s flagship brands, such as Paysan Breton, Mamie Nova and Régilait, have a strong brand image in France but are also internationally renowned.

  • Laïta generates 66% of its turnover in France. It is a leading player on several convenience goods markets: traditional butter, “Luxury” yoghurts for adults, fermented milks and grocery milks. Laïta is also considered a European reference for the manufacture of supermarket own brand dairy products as well as in the field of clinical nutrition and formulated ingredients.


    The vitality displayed by Laïta on an international level is a result of its worldwide outlook. In total, the company currently exports to over 110 countries spread across the four continents of the globe. The EU represents 22% of its turnover. Four affiliates located in Italy, Belgium, Great Britain and Spain bring together a hundred staff and promote its products in Western Europe. Laïta also generates 12% of its turnover outside of the European Union.

  • The vast range of products offered by Laïta requires the company to be attentive to its wide variety of customers. It must be able to fulfil their requirements and needs in very different sectors such as: the supermarket sector, catering industry, the agri-food industry, health and nutrition, agriculture...

  • The customer satisfaction reaped by Laïta requires flawless organisation. The efficiency of the logistics chain set up within the company is recognised in terms of flow forecasting and planning, as well as warehouse and transport management. It guarantees Laïta reliability, dynamism and rapidity, whether the customer is in France or on the other side of the world.