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It takes 900 litres of milk to produce an 90-kilo wheel of emmental.


Milk processing

By cultivating responsability and skill within its teams and deploying high performance industrial tools, Laïta demonstrates its drive for excellence in the field of milk processing. Its wide-ranging dairy expertise supports one of the company's major commitments: sustainable promoting the milk of farmer-members of the three partner cooperatives.

  • In a daily bid for excellence, Laïta’s Industry Department strives to provide high quality products that comply with customer requirements upon factory dispatch, at an optimised cost.

    In order to develop the personnel's skill base, specific training courses are regularly organised. The organisation into processing channels, regular team meetings and the set-up of inter-site networks ensure frequent, constructive exchanges between the men and women of Laïta.

  • Thnaks to reasoned investmentsLaïta owns modern and evolutionary industrial tools. The chosen organisation provides a methodological framework enabling an acute qualification of process by research & development teams and also an optimised leading for everyone with the help of appropiate management charts.

    With these industrial and organisational tools, Laïta seeks to sharpen its competitive edge, an essential factor in its development capacity.

  • Laïta, a multi-specialist dairy company, boasts wide-ranging expertise enabling it to offer a vast selection of products which can be divided into four main categories:

    consumer products: ultra-fresh dairy products, cheeses, butters, grocery milks,crêpes

    dairy ingredients: fresh dairy products, milk powders, whey, caseins, caseinates, formulated ingredients...

    health and nutrition products: clinical nutrition products, dietary products, infant nutrition products and culinary ingredients

    food for young mammals: milk replacement products and nutritional specialities for young animals.


    LAÏTA - Wide-range od dairy products